Build powerful Bible apps and websites

The IQ Bible API provides everything you need to build powerful and feature-rich Bible apps and websites. With over 40 endpoints ranging from the original Hebrew and Greek to professional audio narrations and advanced study tools, the IQ Bible API is far beyond the basic.


Books, Chapters, and Verses

Pull verses, chapters from different versions or parallel.

Hebrew and Greek

Returns a breakdown of the original Hebrew or Greek text, with Strong's references.

Advanced Search

Search for queries with broad or exact matches with the power to limit ranges.

Audio Narrations

Grab the audio - professionally narrated - for any chapter.

Reading Plan Generator

Dynamically generate a Bible reading plan for users with customizable days, books, as well as start and end dates.


Get all of the cross-references for any verse.

Commentary & Definitions

Pull the full commentary for any verse and the definition for any word.


Get random verses and limit the randomization to specific phrases, books, or chapters.

Much more...

Over 40 endpoints available - spend time on your idea and not on coding essential functions.

Far beyond the basic.

Other APIs provide simple scripture retrieval with basic endpoints since they were designed to implement the Bible in pre-existing apps and websites, but the IQ Bible API was built especially for developers who want to create advanced Bible apps and websites.


With over 40 endpoints, the IQ Bible API has everything you need to build something incredible. Get started for free on RapidAPI.